Hawsco India

About Haws India

Haws India provides emergency response equipment to the Indian market.

About Haws India

Global solutions.  Emergency showers, eyewashes and drinking fountains.  Since 1906.

Plumbing and safety environments are evolving, and Haws is redefining expectations. Just as we have done for more than 100 years.  Globally  headquartered in Sparks, Nevada, Haws is part of Traynor Family EnterpriseTM.   Traynor Family Enterprise is a family-owned business that dates back to 1906 and our founder, Luther Haws. Now in our fourth generation of family ownership, our focus is on the future rather than short term financial results.  Today, Haws is a global company with offices and manufacturing plants in Singapore, India, China, Switzerland, and Brazil.  

To better serve the Indian market, Haws has opened a local office in India to provide our worldclass emergency response and hydration solutions directly to India.  We offer a a line of fast movers, products specifically designed for the Indian marketplace, but also have access to the thousands of products available globally.  To view the entire global product offering, click here

Our product lines and solutions:

  • Drinking fountains and electric water coolers
  • Emergency eyewashes and drench showers
  • Thermostatic mixing valves
  • Enclosed safety booths
  • Engineered safety solutions


AXION’s ground-breaking designs continue to change the emergency response landscape by offering the only medically superior response solution in the industry. AXION MSR products provide a complete ANSI compliant safety solution coupled with enhanced victim comfort and injury reduction.

AXION AdvantageTM

The AXION Advantage™ system offers safety professionals a medically superior upgrade for existing emergency eyewash and drench shower equipment.

Haws Integrated™

Haws Integrated designs, builds, implements and manages custom-engineered industrial safety response systems that provide tempered water for large-scale decontamination and emergency wash installations all while ensuring continuous regulatory compliance. Learn more (link to HI)